Good Citizen

Good Citizen Training

Who can take part?

   The Scheme is open to all dogs, young or old, pedigree or Crossbreed, whether Kennel Club registered or not. Dog owners of any fitness level or disability can take part too.

What's involved?

   The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the UK's largest dog training programme. The Scheme promotes responsible dog ownership by teaching owners to train their dogs for everyday life situations.  There are four levels starting with Puppy Foundation, leading on to Bronze, Silver and Gold, each one developing an owner’s understanding, while building a dog's confidence and levels of domestic obedience skills.  It should produce a dog that will walk properly on a lead, will sit and lie down on command, and will allow its owner to clean, groom and inspect it.  The dog must be able to be presented by its owner for examination in the sit, stand or lying, either on its side or its back, all on the lead, and stay in the position in which it is placed.  It must retutn to its handler immediately when called.

Bronze includes identification, cleanliness, choice and fitting of collar and lead, control at a door or gate, and a controlled walk through people and dogs.  You will need to do a short ‘Down Stay’ on lead, groom and present your dog for examination, release and recall your dog, and answer questions on responsibility and care. 

Silver builds on the skills learned in the Bronze Award, while increasing levels of difficulty.  This natural progression of practical dog training skills introduces concepts such as controlled greeting, road walking and vehicular control exercises, which are important in everyday situations.

Gold is the highest award.  Building on the previous levels it introduces new concepts such as relaxingin isolation, stopping the dog, sending to bed and good manners around food.  The test consists of indoor and outdoor exercises useful in daily life.     

 How old does my dog have to be?

   We will usually accept dogs of any age after they have completed their vaccination programme. We have some tips that might help you until you get to the training classes.

What if I have a naughty dog, will the Club accept me?

   Yes, but it is advisable to contact us first and advise us of any problems you are having. We might ask you to bring your dog along first for an assessment, so that he or she can join the right class, Many of the problems you may face are covered in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme programme.

What will I need to get started?

   Your dog must wear a collar and lead and have a legally compliant Identification tag (see the Good Citizen Dog Scheme website for more information). There are other items like a toy, some titbits, a grooming brush, drying towel that you may need but the trainer will advise you about this before hand.

How long does it take?

   Courses normally take place for approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour, once a week. Puppy and Bronze Courses normally take between 6 - 8 weeks to complete, but these will vary. Silver and Gold courses will take longer.

Who assesses the standard?

   For Puppy Foundation courses, your training Instructor will assess you and your puppy over a minimum 6 week period. For Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, a short test is set at the end of the course and an independent Scheme examiner will assess whether you and your dog meet the required standard.

What do I get if we pass the test?

   Each dog and handler is issued with a Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Certificate relevant to the level of the course you have passed in. Rosettes, pin badges, souvenir dog discs and a range of merchandise is also available. 

Check out the   Kennel Club website   for more information.

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