Brian George

Brian covers a wide variety of dog training activities, dividing the year into different disciplines:
a) He trains the good citizen classes prior to their tests
b) He trains any members and their dogs who want to take part in nose work and after a series of training sessions runs a competition in these disciplines.
c) When neither of the above is happening, Brian takes groups of experienced obedience dogs and works on advanced group routines and individual skills.

This consists of the following activities
A long distance retrieve
Scent cloths discrimination
Under which bucket searches
Search for two  hidden articles in a 20 yard square
Find a toy hidden behind screens

Trainer news:

Sadly, because of  family health problems Brian George has decided to retire from full time training. He will be deeply missed for many reasons but perhaps especially for his wacky sense of humour and his fun-filled nose-work training sessions. He has promised to still support the club and will help out occasionally. Make sure you do Brian!  Thank you for everything.