Agility Gallery

Lily - Sharp Turn!

Murphy responding to hand signals

Blue Stretched Out

Rennie striding along the dog walk

Sally, forgetting she is nearly twelve!

Rennie, jumping and turning

Lily - “You can see the world from the top of the A-frame!”

The all-important wait

Emerging from the tunnel

Nellie flies!

Effie - “Where’s  Jeff?”
Running the jumps!
Cookie in the rigid tunnel.
Whoa! . . .
Gem jumping higher than expected!
Pippa on the dogwalk - with Judy
Tab through the tyre!
Tab on the seesaw
Bruno on the dogwalk - with Hazel
Yazz - with Vivien
Wogan on the dogwalk

Ebony turning.

Rascal Jumping!

Jumping Jack!

Swapping handlers

Sally jumping!

Just  Do It!   

Speedy Trix - “Where’s next, Mum?”

Dolly and the high jump

Daisy, jumping in style!

Flyball and Agility Training in 2017!