In Agility, dogs over 12 months of age learn to negotiate a series of obstacles, including jumps and tunnels.
Dogs of any size or breed can learn to use and enjoy the agility equipment.
The energy required is of benefit to both dog and owner, as it provides mental as well as physical exercise.
Although it can seem ‘Fast & Furious’, the dog must have a good level of obedience, and be under proper control.  The safety of your dog is of the utmost importance.

Agility Training is on Wednesday mornings, 10 till 11:30.  Trainer :  Lesley Crawford
At the moment there are two small groups of dogs and handlers.  We work on different pieces of equipment in different sessions and gradually link them together, so some commitment of attendance is needed as the skills which are taught are both accumulative & progressive.
It is not possible to just pop in for a “go” unless you and your dog are  experienced in agility. There is however an opportunity to have a go at the end of the morning session if members wanted to see if it would suit them.  
There is a waiting list if they then want to join a class.  Inevitably there are absences (holidays, illnesses etc) so those on the waiting list can be slotted into these spaces.
It is also hoped that the lighter evenings will mean that a small class can be started on a Monday evening.
Sally weaving!

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Agility Gallery

Lily - “You can see the whole world from up here”

Nellie jumping!

Rennie striding along the dogwalk.

Blue jumping!